Have multiple duplicate contacts in your address book? Confused which is the right one? Cleanup Duplicate Contacts allows you to cleanup your address book by instantly merging all overlapping contact-details into one contact.

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As Easy As 1.2.3

1. Choose your Merge-Type

When you run Cleanup Duplicate Contacts, the App will scan your entire address book. You can choose the merge type such as merge when "name matches", "email matches" or "phone matches". Over 5,000 contacts can just be scanned within 45 seconds. It's instantaneous.

2. Analyze

Once the scanning process has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed results page that will allow you to analyze the entire scan. The results list will contain all the duplicate contacts and let you browse every information in each one of them. It will show you the contacts with 100% duplicates found and even the ones with partial duplicates found. If you find some merges there that you rather don't want to save, then you can just deselect them.

3. You're done

If you believe that you're good to go with the analyzed results, just hit the Save button and Cleanup Duplicate Contacts will perform the actions required to merge the duplicate contacts found, so you have a neat looking address book to make you more productive. Super-fast.

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Merge All Into Just One

If you have multiple sources linked with your address book like iCloud, Dropbox and Gmail which creates multiple duplicate contacts on the "Contacts" App on the device, you can use Cleanup Duplicate Contacts to merge all duplicate contacts between these sources into one contact in your most important source.